Tuesday WOD



A. Back Squat (4 x 5 @ 90% of 5RM )

B. AMRAP x 13 minutes

200 m run
30 pistols
10 muscle-ups
200 m run
20 pistols
20 toes to bar
200 m run
10 pistol
30 pull-ups
run = 20 reps


A. KB Tall Kneeling to Standing (4 x 5 (each side))

add 3 dual kettlebell squats at the end of each set. Scale back by holding one kettlebell, goblet style.

B. 4 rounds

200 m sandbag run
20 jumping lunges
10 hanging knee raise

sub for jumping lunge-
sandbag reverse lunges

sub for hanging knee raise-
lying leg raise or v-ups

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