Massage Therapy

CrossFit Invoke is proud to work with WODbody Sports Massage, the Triangle’s go-to source for sports massage therapy that caters to CrossFitters. We assess each athlete’s mobility, range of motion, and tissue condition to tailor sessions specifically to their needs.

WODbody was started when co-founders Stacey Meek and Vincent Bounds discovered a need for maintenance and recovery in the CrossFit community.  They combined their years of experience in the massage industry with their histories as athletes and a long career in the medical field to develop a brand of massage that has proven invaluable to athletes of every level and discipline.

After a 17 year career in veterinary medicine with emphasis on soft tissue surgery, Stacey left  the field to spend more time with her family and be her own boss as a licensed massage therapist.  She easily settled into the CrossFit environment after spending a lifetime playing organized sports and weightlifting.  Stacey applies her working knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, along with her training in multiple massage modalities, to every patient.  She seeks out continuing education, such as Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, and IASTM classes that will bolster that understanding and further benefit her athletes.  She is a certified KinesioTape practitioner, a certified USAW sports performance coach, and has been published in the Massage Therapy Journal.

WODbody can be reached via email at wodbodymassage@gmail.com. If you have questions or concerns, contact the team at CrossFit Invoke.