Pacing vs Redlining: The Pros and Cons

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Sometimes it can be a tough decision on how hard you should push with your fitness training in Raleigh. Especially a workout that is deceivingly easy but has an element that has the potential to completely destroy you. For example, double unders, handstand push ups, and toes to bar.

It all comes down to knowing what you are capable of and setting a realistic pace. But that is easier said than done… especially when participating in a competition. The more you train and practice movements at different intensities and volumes, the more you understand how to pace specifically for your ability.

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The Pros to Pacing:

  • The opportunity to save your body… especially if more events lie ahead that day
  • The ability to target a certain score and somewhat predict how you will do
  • The potential to decrease anxiety and stress due to the unknown
  • Ultimately, not bonking or hitting a “wall”

The Cons to Pacing:

  • The max amount of work you could have done may not have been reached
  • Picking a pace that is too fast may burn you at the end
  • Picking a pace that is too slow may cause you to dig a hole so deep you cannot catch up

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The Pros to Redlining:

  • Absolute energy has been expended towards the goal
  • If you push it all the way to the end without significantly dropping speed or taking too much rest time it can prove successful; HOWEVER, that means you cannot peak too early in the workout

The Cons to Redlining:

  • You risk burning out for other events
  • You risk fatiguing too early and loosing reps due to forced rest
  • Your likelihood of getting no-repped may increase


So when should you pace and when should you GOOO!!

My best advice is to pace the beginning of the workout at a speed you know you could sustain. As the workout progresses and you start feeling it out you can make an adjustment to keep the pace or push the pace a little more. If you are feeling good, this is the last workout of the competition, and a short amount of time is left, you got to go for it and push the pedal down.


fitness training in Raleigh CROSSFIT for MONDAY 3/2/15

Powerlifting Total

Back Squat (1 Rep Max)
Bench Press (1 Rep Max)
Deadlift (1 Rep Max)


fitness training in Raleigh ENDURANCE for MONDAY 3/2/15

Kettlebell Pyramid

Kettlebell swing
Right arm swing (Russian)
Left arm swing (Russian)
Right arm thruster
Left arm thruster

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