Friday WOD


A. Front Squat (75% 2×4, 80% 2×3, 85% 2×2)
set 1,2 75% x4,
set 3,4 80% x3,
set 5,6 85% x2


RX+ 150 kettlebell swings
RX 125 kettlebell swings
Scaled 100 kettlebell swings

Every time you set down the kettlebell / there is a break in your swings, complete 25 ab mat sit-ups.

rest as needed
You are not allowed to complete more sit-ups than your rep goal:

RX+ max sets- 6
RX max sets- 5
SCALED max sets- 4

choose your weight accordingly

scale sit-ups to 10-20 per set if necessary (sit-ups become so slow they look like max effort singles).

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