CrossFit Kids

Harvey – Mayor, Superhero, CKC Coach He helps out with everything! Coaching, construction, greeting, motivating everyone, etc!


Our CrossFit Kids program is run every Tuesday night from 530-615pm and Saturdays at 9:30am-10:15am. Classes will be 45 minutes and will be run by Coach Harvey. Age group is 5-10 years old. There is no CrossFit Kids contract, just pay for a punch card and get the busy little guys and girls in when their (your) busy schedule allows!


What is CrossFit Kids?

In a nutshell it’s teaching your kids how to be fit, healthy and active in a fun, supervised community setting. CrossFit Kids isn’t just recess, it’s a supervised program to teach your kids functional movement using constantly varied exercises. CrossFit kids can be used to supplement your child’s other extra curricular athletic activities or in place of it, as CrossFit is it’s own sport!

For more information head over to the CrossFit Kids website. Some useful links are listed below

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10 class punch card- $75