Benefits of Sit Ups

personal trainer in raleighSit ups are like crunches, but the two actually have some differences. While both exercises start out by lying flat on your back, a sit up requires you to lift your entire torso up into a semi-seated position, whereas a crunch simply means lifting just your shoulders and upper back off the ground.

Both provide many fitness benefits, but today’s post is going to specifically focus in on the sit up side of things. If you’re searching for an affordable personal trainer in Raleigh NC, call CrossFit Invoke for more information.

No Need to Buy Equipment or a Gym Membership

One of the many benefits to doing sit ups is the cost involved, as it only costs you time and effort. That’s right, you do not have to buy a gym membership, you can do sit ups virtually anywhere at anytime. You can do them before, during, or after work, as well as do your sit ups while traveling or on vacation. Sit ups also do not require an investment in any fancy workout equipment, although Researchers for the American Council on Exercise found that specialized workout equipment does give a person an advantage over the simple sit-up or crunch.

Work Out More of Your Muscles for Better Gains

Want to make some serious gains when it comes to ripping your six-pack? Then you should really start learning how to properly do a sit up. Yeah, crunches will help but a properly performed sit up will take your ab workout one step further. This is because sit ups require a much greater range of movement and lifting motion. These exercises force you to train not only your abs, but your core muscles, hip flexors, and even muscles in your legs and chest get a work out.

Even more, since sit ups require extra muscles and movements, these exercises will burn more calories than standard crunches. So, if you’re looking for a full-body workout then you should really invest some time in doing sit ups regularly.

Boost Your Overall Fitness and Health

Yes, sit ups will help you look better by burning calories and ripping your abs, but some of the better benefits you’ll get are from the strengthening of your core and stabilizing muscles, like the ones that protect your spine. Not only that, but sit ups also greatly help to increase your flexibility and range of motion. These two benefits can help a person have better posture and reduce the risk of getting a back strain or injury.

Easily Modifiable to Up Your Challenge

Another great thing about doing sit ups as a regular part of your exercise program is that you can easily modify them so that you always have a bigger challenge and you do not get bored. For example, you can sit on an incline to give yourself more gravity to fight, or you can try holding a medicine ball or weight against your chest while doing a sit-up. These two alternatives will add more intensity and make the sit ups harder to do.

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