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I started CrossFit just over 3 months ago. The progress I’ve made at CrossFit Invoke is unbelievable. Especially, since I’ve only been a member for 3 months. There’s a striking difference between the old and new me…read more

In January, I decided to attend a drop-in class. I cried after the first WOD but decided to get a membership anyways. I absolutely love it now, have lost 25 pounds since February, and am starting to embrace a healthier lifestyle thanks to the Invoke team and my new friends…read more

I’ve learned more than a few things about myself through my experience at Invoke over the last 3+ years. In my opinion, Crossfit is for everyone and it takes all kinds to build a community. Everyone’s path is different…read more

CrossFit has helped me change a lot of the past year or so. I’m always more excited to come to the gym now, even if the workout has something I don’t enjoy because I know it’s a chance to improve my weaknesses…read more

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